USheng electronics provides a set of teaching level green health sound and light scene solutions, on the one hand, effectively alleviate the visual and hearing fatigue of students in the teaching environment, reduce the incidence of myopia, and protect children and adolescents' audio-visual health. On the other hand, the use of wireless sound transmission system and even sound field, to protect the health of teachers' voice, make teaching more relaxed and pleasant, teachers and students interaction more natural and smooth, improve teaching quality and effect.

Friend sheng teaching level green healthy sound and light control system with independent intellectual property rights, leading technology, long service life (lighting lamps and lanterns, as long as 50000 hours) life, easy maintenance, energy conservation, environmental protection, power saving rate can reach more than 75%), etc, can effectively reduce the use and maintenance costs, one-time investment, can reduce the maintenance cost, loss, and upgrading for many years, maximize cost benefit.

Innovative lighting technology:

1. Blue light can be quantitatively filtered; 2. Anti-dazzle technology; 3. Stroboscopic strobos-free technology; 4. Far superior color rendering performance of similar products; 5. Accurate control of color temperature; 6. Professional lighting design.


Professional sound field design: balanced high fidelity sound field design.

1. Reasonable sound field power, optimal allocation and moderate loudness in the teaching environment of scientific design. Sound transmission is flat and sound field is balanced.

2. Professional audio processing makes the timbre pleasant, plump and clear, and the sound of natural dialogue makes students physically and mentally healthy.

3, pleasant sound to avoid hearing fatigue, teachers and students interactive teaching relaxed and harmonious.

4. Excellent and comfortable classroom sound environment enables students to clearly identify and understand the teacher's teaching content.


Performance comparison table of yousheng health lighting fixture and fluorescent lamp (according to national standards) :


Compare the item Color temperature The depth of stroboscopic Glare Color rendering index Classroom desk top Table uniformity The blackboard illumination Blackboard uniformity
The national standard 3300k-5300k ≤19 ≥80 ≥300 lx ≥0.7 ≥500 lx ≥0.7
Fluorescent lamp 6500k 20%—50% 23 72 200 lx 0.46 247 lx 0.48
There are blue
Risk of overflow
Stroboscopic serious
Increased visual fatigue
Direct light source
Reducing difference
The national standard
Desktop illumination
Uniformity is poor
The national standard
Area of the
Lamps and lanterns 5000k 0.29% 95 339 lx 0.82 521 lx 0.72
Natural light color temperature
No harmful blue light
No stroboscopic Backthrow reflection
Indirect light out
Reducing the high
Better than
The national standard
Desktop illumination
Better than
The national standard
The blackboard illumination
Compare the item Daily power consumption (8 hours per day when the light is on) Power consumed The service life of the
(200 days per year, 8 hours per day)
9 classroom lights, 2 blackboard lights Turn on the lights 200 days a year
Fluorescent lamp 8.64 1728 ≈3000Hours (< 2 years) Droop serious Not easy to clean, high change rate
Lamps and lanterns 1.94 387 ≥50000Hours (< 2 years) 50000Hours droop≤30% Easy to clean and maintain

The VICO index of USheng health lighting was <1.8(mild fatigue), and the visual comfort was higher than ordinary LED lamp (VICO index 2.07-2.17) (fatigue was obvious but tolerable) and fluorescent lamp (VICO index 2.2-2.7).

Comparison of performance of yousheng teaching sound field and common amplification equipment:

Compare the item Unevenness of sound field
(the quieter the value, the more uniform the field)
The advantages and disadvantages Send message transmission Teaching interaction between teachers and students
Small bee amplification equipment 6.8 Human voice distortion, easy to scream, attenuation serious Fatigue Convenient but local sound field, easy to damage hearing
The enclosure 3.5 Local loudness is too large, easy to whistle, attenuation is serious Fatigue Limited (wired transmission), easy to fatigue hearing
The teaching field 0.6 Sound field is balanced and clear, high fidelity, no noise, small attenuation Easy and convenient Free interaction (wireless transmission), hearing protection

Friends at home and abroad more than 30 items authorized USheng patents and software copyright, series of products through the ISO 9001:2008 international quality management system certification, ISO 14001:2004 international environmental management system certification, all products according to international standard production, comply with RoHS environmental protection, at home and abroad and has a number of quality safety and performance certification: CCC, CQC, CE, CB, SRRC and American UL certification.