Structural designer of lamps and lanterns

Access statistics:

Junior college and above |1 years | age no limitation | treatment negotiable

Job description:

Participate in the feasibility study of product project establishment, participate in the system scheme design;

2. Draw up structural design scheme and project plan;

3. Responsible for the detailed design of the whole machine structure and parts of large-scale projects;

4. Responsible for the development and debugging of the prototype and the drafting of relevant technical documents;

5. Follow-up and improvement of products;

6. Deal with structural design issues and technical support.


Job requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in mechanical engineering or mechatronics;

2. At least 1 year structural working experience or no experience, have the ability to design products independently. Lighting industry design experience preferred;

3. Familiar with material properties and processing methods, have a certain understanding of machining and sheet metal technology, and be able to prepare relevant process documents;

4. Understand ISO9000 quality system and RAMS;

5. Have a certain understanding of plastic mold and hardware mold;

6. Proficient in using 2d and 3d drawing software (such as CAD and any 3d software) and office software, with good writing skills;

7. Good expression and communication skills, honest and dedicated, strong sense of responsibility, strong sense of teamwork and innovation;

8. Able to work under pressure and undertake challenging work;

9. Inexperienced people should start from the production line, and the training process and cycle should be adjusted according to personal ability;.