Research and development vice President

Access statistics:

Bachelor degree or above | above 10 years | age no limitation | treatment negotiable

Job description:

1. Responsible for writing hardware system specifications, evaluating control schemes, and completing detailed design, schematic design and design;

2. Prepare new technology and new product development work plan, decompose and implement project plan, and complete r&d project development plan;

Organize the training and technical guidance of the project team, make breakthroughs in core product technology, research and development of new technology, and ensure the advance and competitiveness of technology;

3. Responsible for organizing project approval and budget, development and design, evaluation and analysis of results, compiling project development book, controlling the progress of research and development project, ensuring project quality, and completing the tasks of project research and development;

To organize and carry out the performance analysis, technical feasibility study and risk assessment of vending machine products, to ensure the accurate positioning of product development and reduce the risk of new product development;

4. Responsible for leading the project team to solve various problems encountered in the development and production process, followed up the hardware debugging, testing and trial production, and ensured the smooth launch of products;

5. Guide the formulation of product trial standards, be responsible for the review of product technical documents, and ensure the accuracy of the documents;

6. Responsible for technical communication and guidance of equipment OEM, product quality control, inspection and acceptance, and technical guidance and support for daily failure of lamps;

7. Responsible for the communication with the market and sales, timely adjust the unsatisfactory factors according to the market feedback information, optimize and upgrade the design, make the products meet the needs of customers, and enhance the competitiveness of the product market;


Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, more than 10 years' experience in hardware system development of vending machine, more than 8 years' experience in project development management and implementation;

2. Familiar with the design and manufacture of lamps;

3. Good communication skills, understanding and coordination ability, strong organizational management ability, resource allocation ability and plan execution ability;

4. Strong sense of responsibility and teamwork spirit, able to work under pressure and full of passion.