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The ultimate goal of the product is to serve our users in a more pragmatic way. Low carbon, green and healthy are our values, and users' demands are also our direction of continuous exploration and optimization. Continue to move forward in the field of sound and light health.

At the beginning of the 21st century, with the awakening of the world's awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, LED lamps with energy-saving advantages began to be widely used in lighting. When the lighting becomes brighter and brighter, eye diseases such as dry eye disease, blinding, myopia, macular disease, retinal detachment and other eye diseases come one after another.

Changzhou USheng electronics co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "USheng") as early as 2011 notice glare problem, with the deepening of the health survey, they found that poorly designed LED lights to bring health problems are far more serious than the imagination, besides dizziness, dizzy, myopia, macular degeneration and retinal detachment, eye problems is becoming more and more popular, vision development has not been perfect the children become the victims of disaster areas; They also found that children who had been exposed to high levels of concentration for long periods of time, listening to lectures or listening to music through headphones, had even developed hearing loss.

The research and development of USheng teaching intelligent acousto-optic scene application control system is also derived from this. When teenagers are faced with the double health risks of using acousto-optic sound, the cross-border integration of acousto-optic can escort the health of children.




Solve fundamental problems professionally

In the field of domestic teaching, the usual teaching light is fluorescent lamp. Studies show that students in classrooms with too many fluorescent lights suffer headaches and lack of concentration. Too much indoor light, or flickering light, can damage eyes and reduce concentration, especially in schools with electronic whiteboards. The glare of a fluorescent lamp can flicker subtly enough to be visually uncomfortable and impede reading. And too strong light will affect the body clock, the brain secretion of melatonin will inhibit the effect of normal sleep function, and will reduce the body's calcium absorption capacity. In addition, fluorescent lamps use ultraviolet light to stimulate phosphors to emit light, if there is ultraviolet radiation leakage may cause skin diseases. Light tube contains mercury and phosphors and other heavy metals, which will harm the human body and the environment. Therefore, LED lights with green, environmental protection and energy saving advantages are favored by the public and become the biggest trend of lighting development. When we use LED lights, you will find that some LED lights bright and dazzling, which on the one hand, because of the poor design of the LED lamps and lanterns light source may contain too much blue light, on the other hand may be because these LED lamps and lanterns USES LED point light source, the light intensity is high, easy to form the glare, cause harm to the human eye. The last two years, popularize gradually as visual security knowledge, also arise as The Times require a lot of function function to protect eye lamps and lanterns.

These functional eye lamps and lanterns is by adding atomization pervious to light cover or change the light emission Angle to reduce the brightness of the light source, achieve the goal of anti glare, although after dealing with the diffusion of light no longer dazzling, but some products did not solve the problem of visual security, and brightness is not enough, after the diffusion in the uneven distribution of working intensity of illumination, may cause secondary damage to the eyes.

It should be noted that the harm of blue light is not absolute. Controlling it within the effective value will not harm our vision, but the harm caused by excessive blue light should not be underestimated.

To solve the problem of visual security and ensure the safety of vision, USheng redesigned the light source. Different from the traditional light source, the light source of this teaching level intelligent acoustooptic scene application control system is direct upward, diffuse reflection after special high-tech materials digestion.

And used in the teaching level of intelligent light scene on the application of control system of special material, is a USheng spent more than 5 years specially developed high-tech materials, the high-tech materials besides can freely adjust proportion of blue light, also can keep high efficiency, solved the blu-ray harm as well as guarantee the safety of vision. From a professional point of view, the ratio of excessive exposure of harmful blue light to safe value is very strict. According to the use of classroom environment, the control system of USheng teaching level intelligent acousto-optic scene truly protects children's vision health from the source and creates a healthier learning environment for children.

In fact, every time the illuminate of light, will get a loss, a portion of light energy and au sheng the teaching level control system of intelligent light scene application lighting products using high-tech materials, can effectively reduce the energy loss, compared to the so-called anti glare products on the market, under the same color temperature, achieve the vision in the true sense of security at the same time, have more energy.




Humanized design with adjustable sound and light

"Everyone has a different perception of color temperature, different light sensitivity is required for different occasions, and the proportion of blue light is different. The advantage of this system is that we can adjust it according to different environmental requirements." You sheng optical research and development chief engineer said.

According to the data, according to the national standards, the uniformity of the light emitted by teaching lighting should be no less than 0.4, while the uniformity of the lamps in this system can reach 0.6. In addition, according to the national standards, the illumination in the classroom is required to be greater than or equal to 300Lx, but in fact, most of the illumination in many classrooms is 200 Lx, or even 150 Lx can not reach, while the illumination of this teaching level intelligent acousto-optic scene application control system reaches 320 Lx.

As an intelligent comprehensive solution, USheng combines with the actual situation and details of acoustic design, which once again highlights the humanized features of the product.

Perhaps you also know this unwritten rule: sitting in the front of the child achievement seems to be better than the back, the Chinese each middle and primary school classroom can accommodate 40-60 on average students, this teaching environment space makes the teacher's voice in the process of transmission by physical gradually weakening, sitting at the back of the students can't hear the teacher's lecture, also gradually lost interest in learning; And for teachers, in the long course of teaching metropolitan produce qi and blood deficiency, vocal hoarseness, congestion and other occupational diseases.

For this purpose, USheng has specially developed an audio system to match the teaching light source. "from the circuit to the structure, all are independently developed." USheng teaching level intelligent acousto-optic scene application control system acoustic research and development engineer said. Through point-like distribution of sound, accurate data operation and adjustment of internal physical structure of sound, the uniform diffusion of sound in the whole range is realized, and the bottom noise and high frequency factors are filtered out by adjusting the parameters of frequency response, so as to maintain the clarity of sound. Will also through the electricity limit voltage output and algorithm processing, to control the sound pressure of the decibel, starting from the safe sound pressure level, in the optimization of learning atmosphere at the same time, to protect the children's hearing, protect their vision health.

The application control system of USheng teaching level intelligent acousto-optic scene is completely a customized product tailored for the learning scene. The acoustic pressure frequency response parameters and power limit voltage can be adjusted and set according to different scenes, which is more ergonomic.




Start by crossing borders

It is known that at present, there is no product integrating functional acousto-optic cross-boundary and applying it in special scenes in the world. This teaching intelligent acousto-optic scene application control system developed by USheng is the world's first healthy acousto-optic product in teaching field.

"The ultimate goal of our products is to serve our users in a more pragmatic way. Low-carbon, green and healthy products are our values, and users' demands are also our direction of continuous exploration and optimization. Continue to move forward in the field of sound, light and health. "Said pan lijun, general manager of changzhou USheng electronics co., LTD.




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Wujin, changzhou city, jiangsu province, is known as "charming light city". In this "light city", the U Sheng project team has successfully developed the application control system of teaching-level intelligent acoust-light scene for 6 years since 2011. Products on the market by the domestic and international attention.

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