Thank you sheng zu reputation head of changzhou U Sheng electronics co., LTD. Ms. Pan lijun, general manager



Introduction to U Sheng electronics

Changzhou yousheng electronics co., LTD. Is a diversified innovative high-tech enterprise under jiangsu yuanyu electronics investment group, which integrates r&d, manufacturing and sales of acoustics and optical products. Yousheng has long been serving the top acoustic users in the world. Adhering to the professional spirit of scientific and technological innovation, yousheng has actively developed a number of new acoustic and optical materials and devices with independent intellectual property rights in China, keeping the innovative technology and patent level in the international forefront.

Yousheng scientific research team has gathered professionals from various fields including acoustics, optics, materials science, computer and electronics. After more than five years of continuous exploration and innovation, research and development, friend sheng in 2016 successfully developed China's first intelligent teaching level acousto-optic scene control system, is China's first set of visual comfort index of VICO is less than 1.8 the light source, the system adopts the distributed source, directional control, sound field control, more feedback inhibition, hearing protection, such as technology, to ensure that any position clear sound. No input control, teachers and students can freely interactive teaching. The system has also successfully solved three application pain points that have long plagued the teaching environment in China: 1. The sound transmission of teachers is not clear in teaching; 2. Students' hearing is not balanced; 3.

At present, there are many factors affecting students' hearing and vision health in the classroom environment of our country. The successful development of the system, a number of technologies in sound field uniformity and vision protection, as well as interactive teaching using different from the traditional sound field feedback processing and indirect lighting, will further lead the development direction of China's healthy classroom sound and light scene system; The system not only helps protect students' audio-visual health, prevent and reduce the incidence of myopia, improve learning efficiency, and make the future of teenagers clearly visible. Also has the remarkable social application value.




Beijing, June 9, 2018 -- spiritual voice new media operation center Beijing yesterday set out on the way back to Beijing, the spiritual voice jiangsu changzhou "inheritance of ethnic culture rule of law with my growth" public benefit performance of the changzhou tour officially ended.




The success of this activity is inseparable from the support of Ms. Pan lijun, general manager of yousheng electronics in changzhou, jiangsu province. On July 7, a "Thanksgiving with you hand in hand" Thanksgiving report performance under the careful arrangement of Ms. Pan lijun, and all the company's staff of more than 300 people, thank you and me, to share the public welfare road together with the aspiration. Ms. Pan lijun was invited by mu jianzhi, head of the spiritual voice, to be employed as the honorary head of the spiritual voice.




"I am very grateful to have known and been in contact with the soul voices art troupe. Today, employed by the reputation of delegation, it is a responsibility, but also a bridge of interact with the public, everyone here friends sheng electronic of the family, love without size, a concern, a concern, a sure applause, is also an expression of love, we feel the strength of hard on them, hope our efforts to move forward, before Thanksgiving together exhibition to the future together! General manager pan lijun said when accepting the offer.






At the activity site, the families of yousheng electronic's birthday in June and the children of the voice of the heart went together with the disabled in June, sharing the birthday cake, forming mutual friendship and receiving the common birthday wishes of the families at the site. Pan lijun head also carefully prepared for the whole group of children to meet red envelopes, I hope the children every day happy work life, better and better!



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Oct. 13 is this year's World Sight Day. Experts point out that in recent years, the high incidence of myopia, amblyopia, strabismus and other eye diseases in children and adolescents threatens children's eye health and needs urgent attention. To protect the eyesight of children and adolescents, families, schools and medical institutions need to form a joint effort to build a network to protect the eyesight of children and adolescents.

Warm congratulations to U Sheng teaching class health lighting products through the United States UL certification

Wujin, changzhou city, jiangsu province, is known as "charming light city". In this "light city", the U Sheng project team has successfully developed the application control system of teaching-level intelligent acoust-light scene for 6 years since 2011. Products on the market by the domestic and international attention.

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National technical committee of standardization of individual protective equipment sub-technical committee of eye and facial protection.