World Sight Day: Protecting young people's good "sight"

Oct. 13 is this year's World Sight Day. Experts point out that in recent years, the high incidence of myopia, amblyopia, strabismus and other eye diseases in children and adolescents threatens children's eye health and needs urgent attention. To protect the eyesight of children and adolescents, families, schools and medical institutions need to form a joint effort to build a network to protect the eyesight of children and adolescents.

Warm congratulations to U Sheng teaching class health lighting products through the United States UL certification

Wujin, changzhou city, jiangsu province, is known as "charming light city". In this "light city", the U Sheng project team has successfully developed the application control system of teaching-level intelligent acoust-light scene for 6 years since 2011. Products on the market by the domestic and international attention.

Study on adolescent visual health and comfort in classroom light environment

National technical committee of standardization of individual protective equipment sub-technical committee of eye and facial protection.

Visible future

General secretary xi jinping has stressed more than

Define the future with sound and light

The ultimate goal of the product is to serve our users in a more pragmatic way.

Changzhou U Sheng e-rong on "China's low-carbon model"

Beijing, June 17 ( The 7th "low-carbon development, green life" public interest video exhibition and "China's low-carbon model" launching ceremony were held in Beijing on Saturday,

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